Track Grip – FAQs


What is the warranty for TrackGrip?

TrackGrip attachments are 100% guaranteed for 6 months or 1000 hours of operation.

How many units should be installed on each machine?

TrackGrip should be installed at every fifth shoe of each track. At least 3 attachments need to be in contact with the ground at all times.

Can the attachments be left on the machine or do the grips need to be removed after every job?

TrackGrip can be left in place, but with quick and easy removal a quick cleaning will ensure a longer life for the cleats.

What is the TrackGrip made of, is it strong enough?

TrackGrip models are made with 400/ 450 high grade steel for reduced wear and maximum corrosion resistance.

Can the machine travel across roads?

TrackGrip will last longer and damage to road surfaces will be reduced if wooden blocks are used to cross road surfaces. TrackGrip can also easily be removed to cross roads and then reinstalled.

How will adding these teeth save money?

TrackGrip adds traction and stability so machine use will be more efficient, reducing maintenance expenses and lowering labour costs. Productivity gains are achieved as a consequence of the reduction of machine idle hours, due to surface conditions, caused by inclement weather.

How does adding these attachments improve safety?

TrackGrip greatly reduces sideways slippage, allowing the operator increased control of the machine and reducing the occurrence of collateral damage or equipment upset.

How long does it take to install the grips onto the tracks of equipment?

TrackGrip grippers are designed to be installed quickly with minimum downtime. A typical installation can be completed in about 20 minutes.

Will this allow the machine to operate outside the operating specs?

TrackGrip is designed to improve stability, traction, and increase safety within the limitations of the specifications of usage of the machine. Woodbridge Equipment urges caution and is not responsible for any consequences or damages arising from the fitted machine being operated outside of the manufacturer’s safety guidelines or specifications.

Are there TrackGrip’s for rubber tracks?

TrackGrip models are available for all ASV non-metal core track loader rubber tracks.

Are there TrackGrip’s for rubber tracks?

TrackGrip models are available for all ASV non-metal core track loader rubber tracks.

What model of TrackGrip is best for my situation and environment?

Woodbridge Equipment will match the correct TrackGrip model appropriate to the specified application.

Where can TrackGrip be purchased in Canada or America?

TrackGrip can be purchased from Woodbridge Equipment Parts Inc. WEP can supply all of North America with all models of TrackGrip. Simply contact Woodbridge Equipment at 1-905-673-8969 or E-Mail:

Is this product patented?

TrackGrip is protected by worldwide patents.