Continuous Caterpillar Track Attachments



TrackGrip Cleat Technology

The TrackGrip steel cleat is a steel cleat/ gripper that bolts onto the steel track shoe of excavators and dozers to increase and enhance machine traction. Greater traction creates a safer operating environment; depending upon the application, TrackGrip can reduce the equipment and manpower required to perform the job. The TrackGrip patented design combined with high grade steel specifications and construction techniques ensures trouble free operation of equipment in the harshest of conditions.

TrackGrip Applications

TrackGrip Cleat Technology is designed for forestry, pipe laying, sandstone, mud, clay, snow and ice applications.The exceptional sideways protection and deep penetrating lugs allow for increased productivity and safety.

TrackGrip Specifications

TrackGrip cleats are available for all standard steel track widths, ranging from 12 through 36 inch width steel tracks with all grouser combinations, no matter which manufacturer.

Manufactured from high grade steel, the TrackGrip Cleat designed for short term use, can be installed and removed within 30 minutes; this provides for the flexibility and operation of equipment in all weather and slope conditions.

The TrackGrip Cleat is guaranteed not to come off the track shoe.

TrackGrip Installation

Fitting a set of TrackGrip cleats takes approximately 15 minutes; a wrench is all that’s required. Typically excavators weighing up to 16 tons are equipped with 16 track shoes; excavators larger than 16 tons are equipped with 20 to 22 track shoes (about every fifth shoe). The attachment hooks over one end and snaps on the bolt through the locking pins.

TrackGrip Payback

The primary benefits gained with the use of the TrackGrip Cleat are;

  • an increase in output per machine hour resulting in increased revenue per operation
  • enhanced safety in the operation of the equipment

The resultant financial payback with the use of the TrackGrip Cleat Technology is immeasurable and satisfying.

TrackGrip Warranty

TrackGrip attachments are 100% guaranteed for 6 months or 1000 hours of operation.